Welcome in About Us We are specialized in Route-to-Markets, Sales, Distribution & Logistics
in Sub-Saharan African countries.
We make sure your strategy is implemented and tracked.
We ensure you’re efficiently represented in Africa.
Your strategy to
local realities
We adapt About Us Locally, we accelerate your access
to the targeted markets.
Your strategy
is implemented
We make sure About Us We ease the execution, and ensure
that sales are activated.


 Who  we are
Zafira Africa is a high calibre team focused on delivering practical and lasting results in Route to African Markets.

Who we are

The team is made of experts in Marketing, Distribution, Finance, Management Consulting and Logistics. All members of the team have extensive experience of African Markets.
For each case we face, insights of the targeted market are taken, operational features of the market are known, before Zafira Africa provides the best and most profitable Route-to-Market approach.
The team is led by Christian AMBALA, MBA from IE Business School – The best European Business School according to the Financial Times. Christian has a background in Marketing Strategy, Distribution and Logistics, with extensive experience of deliveries across Central Africa.

Our team is uniquely equipped to secure outstanding and enduring results for the clients of Zafira Africa.

You can have a front-line in Africa, while remaining in your desk


Our Approach
We combine the tools, for an optimal outcome...

Our Approach

The solution we offer is a combination of Marketing, Distribution strategies, Finance, Marketing Research Analytics and Logistics. These elements are combined for an optimized approach. We believe that each product deserves an adapted route-to-market approach. Building on our field experience, we suggest what could be the best distribution strategy. We engineer the activation of sales, and make sure that the Supply Chain is properly integrated. Our boldness in execution is integrated in your global strategy. We participate in your plannig in reaching the most commercially attractive outlets, and in actively influencing the consumer. Building on our deep and extensive knowledge of the distribution landscape in Africa, we sustain the sales of your products in the points of sales, and we ensure ourselves that the data that drive the main business decisions are properly collected and computed.
Let’s go together !

Let’s go together !

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